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At Hoboken Catering, we are obsessed with creating a consistent, happy client experience from the food down to the cocktails. We know the crucial importance of a decent bar setup at your special event. So we have partnered with one of the best in the biz, Steel Wheel Tavern to be able to provide for you Cocktail Catering.

We know you want someone who is knowledgeable and happy to serve you, we can bring that fun vibe to your event while efficiently monitoring guest consumption.

Event bar service is a completely different beast, our staff work hard to create a bar experience to fit your needs including exquisitely tailored craft beverages to compliment your event.

Not only do we work hard in creating your dream event we also provide great customer service to all of our guests and we are willing to play the role of the bar back, the set up crew, and the cleanup crew.

Why chose a bar package over providing our own liquor and using a bartender?

A bar package provides peace of mind to you. Steel Wheel’s professionally trained staff will not only provide outstanding service but will make sure everyone is safe. Sometimes things can get out of hand. Rest assured that all the liability regarding bar service will be theirs. They are also highly trained to delicately handle any possible situations with ease.

Steel Wheel’s bartenders also have mastered craft cocktailing and can create a signature drink just for your event and if you chose this service along with a food tasting, we can also arrange for a cocktail tasting of your choice.

Is it cheaper to provide your own alcohol and just hire one of Hoboken Catering’s bartenders?

Yes, but the responsibility will fall on to you. Our staff are not liable or allowed to interfere with your guests. They also cannot stop them from grabbing their own drinks if they chose to.

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